Because of my international, cross-cultural experience in Corporate as well as Product PR, I am able to provide brand, communication and PR consultancy services with a specific focus on luxury, fashion, design and architecture.

I specialize in good consultancy and support, especially when companies face risks or need support on how to communicate their sustainability efforts.

„Bernadette has been responsible for conceiving, planning and realizing major international PR activities for our company, tasks that she has carried out enthusiastically and with great competence. She has operated effectively within the context of our international activities, travelling and working with our staff in many countries where we are active. She has proved herself to be hard working, a good diplomat and an effective problem solver, always upholding the principles of our corporate culture and presenting our products and our image in a manner that was in keeping with the spirit and tradition of our company. She is also comfortable working and negotiating in English and has been highly competent mixing and working in other cultures. This has contributed to her personal success and has been a significant asset to our company.“ Markus Langes-Swarovski